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A Kink for Hedonists

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Name:Spanking World
Posting Access:Select Members, Moderated
Community description:spanking fiction and art

Thank you to the fabulous angelus2hot for our cool banner

Welcome to spanking_world! Where all your fandom spanking needs are met.

We happily accept all spanking graphics (including multi-media), fiction, essays and recs (please provide comments and links) we do ask for you to please label and tag your entries and don't forget to warn for content and triggers. We also accept all Fandoms, Ratings and Pairings (including those with OC's as long as they're with or coupled with characters from the particular fandom(s)).
For Ratings, consider selecting ALL AGES for anything acceptable for all public, using TEEN for anything with mature concepts mentioned, choosing MATURE for an exploration of concepts such as Sex, Violence, Addictions without going into specifics, and using ADULT for anything explicit or graphic.

Rules (yes, you knew we had them but thankfully they're only two)
1. This is an Adult only community. If you're not over 18... come back when you are we'll be glad to have you then. :D
2. Play nice. If it's not your fandom or particular pairing don't bash. Just skip it or give it a chance... it could be an agreeable surprise.

The Birthday Prezzie Prompt Post is a place where all new members are invited to drop one particular prompt they'd love to have claimed and given to them on their Special Day (no year needed). Those can be as open or specific as needed: it's for YOU!

None of the stories posted are true, nor are they approved of by the people named or the creators/owners of the characters. No harm is intended, no expectation of realism is provided as every story and/or manip is clearly fictional, and no profit is made.

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